Holdfast Credit Union

We unfortunately no longer have a collection point in Kelvedon URC; the nearest point is now Witham URC. Holdfast offers flexible savings, from as little as £1 per week. Regular savers can have preferential low cost loans, including free loan insurance and a good annual dividend. If you are interested, please visit their website for further information.

Prayer Network

Our Prayer Network continues to operate via email. To ensure that those not on email have access to the network and are kept informed of prayer requests, we have paired those people up with someone who does have access. A network list is available and if anyone has an urgent prayer request, please contact one of those named in the list. We will then circulate the request to all members on the network. The current situation of course does not stop us from praying, and if you have anything that you would like prayer for, please get in touch via our Contact page.

Church Banners

We have formed a group of people interested in helping to design and make Church Banners. The group is unable to meet at the moment, but if you would like to get involved when the current restrictions are eased, please contact either Lynn & Jim or Janet & Trevor.

Church charities

We are currently supporting the Norrie Disease Foundation and The Sailor’s Society with any collections taken at special services and fundraising events. Clicking on one of the links below will take you to the charity’s web site.

Benin Christian Support

Whilst we are not financially supporting Benin Christian Support this year, any knitted items (blankets, jumpers, etc.) plus any unwanted gifts or good quality bric-a-brac (suitable for sale at a car boot sale) will still be collected and passed on to Benin, or used to raise funds to support their work. Please contact Janet Andrews for more details.